PLG Translation always undertake translating text documents in various fields such as: Journal, Book, Movie, Paper Record, Diploma, Degree, Research Project, Technical Project, Bidding Document, Legislative Document, Business Registration, Business Contract, Finance Report, Instruction, Correspondence, Drawing, Table of Contents, etc.

With over 150 languages such as English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Polish, Arabic, Czech, Lao, Khmer, Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, etc.

Document Translation

Besides, we also undertake translating specialized documents in various fields: Literature, Education, Policy, Economy, Finance, Banking, Technology, Construction, Information Technology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Law, Telecommunication, Hydroelectricity, Minerals, Navigation, Transportation, Auto, Petroleum, Environment, Agriculture, Forestry, Food, Biochemistry, Cosmetic, Clothing, Culture – Society, Travel, Journal, Religious , Philosophy, Music and Art, etc.

With the professional process of translation and the enthusiasm of all experienced staff in PLG Translation, we commit to ensuring the quality as well as the time-limit with all your documents.

Our experienced and skillful translators in various fields of work will satisfy you. PLG Translation – YOUR PARTNER HERE!


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