PLG Translation offer legal translation services of various legal formalities and documents into different languages with complete accuracy and exactness. We pay attention to each and every aspect from small minute details to big facts as we are aware the importance of things in terms of legal matters. We are very particular about our timely delivery because we know the importance of time for our clients. We deliver all the important and confidential things like tapes, litigation documents and various legal contracts and documents with full care and precautions.

Legal Translation Services

Our panels of lawyers as well as experts are well versed in providing legal translation services in all these areas:

  • Law: General
  • Law: Contracts
  • Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights
  • Law: Taxation & Customs
  • Statements
  • Legal correspondence
  • Sales contracts
  • Certificates
  • Tenders
  • Appeals
  • News coverage

Our experienced and skillful translators in various fields of work will satisfy you. PLG Translation – YOUR PARTNER HERE!


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